My Husband Should Supervise Me


I think I need my husband to supervise my showers like we do our young children.

As I was showering this evening, I about slipped but caught myself. I wasn’t so lucky about six weeks ago. I decided I would share this with you all for a laugh because we all need one.

While in the shower that evening, I realized I didn’t pick up a new body wash that day and decided to use my husband’s new bar soap. I liked the smell and figured I would give it a shot for one night. While my conditioner was in, I started from the top of my body and worked my way down.

Little did I know, this soap was extremely slippery.

I lifted my foot onto the back edge of the tub and then my life flashed before my eyes!

My feet went flying backward.

The side of my butt hit the soap dish that is connected to the wall.

My face… Well, it met the tub rather quickly!

It smacked right into the curve, making the few bottles fly in every direction. Alas, the curtain never came down, probably because I didn’t even have time to think about grabbing for it!

The whole right side of my face, and even my head (though I don’t remember how that hit), hurt bad!

My husband comes running into the bathroom and starts asking if I’m okay. Then he tells me I have blood all over my face. I think it’s my lip or something in that vicinity. Nope. He then puts a hand towel above my eye, turns off the water, and starts to help me out of the shower.

I told him I can’t get out yet; my conditioner needs to be rinsed!

He gave me this look, “Really?” Well, ladies, I rinsed it with one hand as the other was holding the hand towel to stop the bleeding.

He doctored me up well and took care of my wound for the next few days. You should have been there when my co-workers were asking if I really fell!

Luckily it was a clean-cut right on my eyebrow! Easy to hide! Lol

Lessons I Learned.

  1. Never use husband’s soap, unless in a sitting position, and start at toes.
  2. If falling in the shower, try to aim for a flat surface. Avoid where the side of the tub and edge meet.
  3. Keep my husband in close proximity to the bathroom in case of another fall.
  4. Think about installing bars in the shower.

Hope you had a little laugh!

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Sarah Ann
My family moved to Bradenton in January 2018. I like to use my experiences to write, it helps when you can relate to something. I have been married since 2009 and I have two girls. The youngest has multiple medical issues, and our oldest has behavior issues, because of all the needs her sister has. I also work away from home, so balancing all the things life throws at me can be hard, but worth it at the end of the day. I love being at the beach, reading, and having movie nights with my family. I try to binge-watch Netflix, but being a mom makes that hard. Haha. I am ready for what life throws at me. My positive attitude has brought me this far and will continue to carry me through.


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