COVID-19 Saved my Marriage


My husband and I have been together for a little over three years.

He was previously married and had two children from that marriage who live a few states away. Therefore, every third weekend he would travel to see them. In December 2019, we had just had a brand new baby of our own.

After our son was born, we had family and friends coming to visit consistently from December through March, right before the lockdown happened. Everyone wanted to see our new little man!

My husband also works 45 minutes away from our home.

So from the moment our son was born, we never had any alone time together.

We were completely disconnected, and we were struggling.

I felt alone.
He felt overwhelmed.

We never really talked about anything; we just let the days pass us by angry and frustrated.

One day, he called me and told me his boss told him to pack up his office and work from home because Florida was shutting down.

The new scenario scared both of us.

I was used to being alone with my baby all day long. He was used to having his own space and being gone and busy all day. And truth be told, we got comfortable living that way.

We were more comfortable being away from each other than we were together.

When he got home that night with everything from his office in tow, we talked, and we knew that this was going to make us or break us. We knew what a significant change this was, and we would both have to adjust for us to make it.

Little did I know it would be the best thing that ever happened to us.

For three months, my husband and I were stuck together.

He wasn’t traveling every third weekend. He worked from home; he couldn’t go to any meetings. I was home all day with the baby.

We began to remember what it was like when we used to be inseparable. When all we wanted was to be with each other, and nothing else mattered. We began to hug and dance during lunch breaks, swim in our pool in the evening, snug more with the baby, and kiss when he passed by to grab something. We would stay up late having “date nights” talking about everything. We began to have little daily routines that slowly evolved over those few months into our new normal, which eventually became our new comfortable.

All of those little moments added up to something so much bigger.

Those moments reminded us that we are ONE. We are a team, we are husband and wife, and we live this life together. No matter how often we would need to travel, work, and visit family and friends, we were number one to each other.

We were reminded to love each other every chance we get and to remember that our marriage is stronger than any pandemic.
Our marriage is more important than any job.

We re-learned how to talk to each other, laugh together, hug each other, and BE together again.

Every morning my son and I wake up, go into my husband’s home office to hug and kiss him good morning, and thank God that during a pandemic, he used it to bring us back together.