To the Unseen Superhero Moms


My children make it easy to be their mother.

I don’t do anything special. I don’t have Pinterest boards dedicated to helping enrich my children’s lives through play. I have no system to get my kids to put things back where they go, so things don’t get hopelessly lost.

Somehow though, shoes never go missing in my house. Lunchboxes always get hung up. My kids excel at school even though I may not pay attention to how many books they read this week or what they got on a math test. My kids are usually the ones reminding me of a big event or to sign their school form.

While I’ve had to take away privileges due to behavior (especially now that my resident 10-year-old thinks he knows everything), it usually isn’t for long. I usually get no fight about it because they know they deserve to have the privilege taken away.

My children are the type of children people always dream of having, but few actually do.

I’m aware not every mom has this experience.

I’m overwhelmed in this new normal we find ourselves, and I can’t imagine how exhausting it must be to the moms out there whose children don’t make it as easy.

  • I don’t have to take my children from one specialist to another.
  • I don’t have IEP meetings that end with me crying in my car because I love my children so much that it is heartbreaking to hear someone talk about them as anything but perfect.
  • I don’t have to dry my children’s tears because they weren’t invited to the party.

The mothers of these children are the superhero moms, not me.

They are the ones that are continually fighting the good fight of allowing their children to be themselves, but also understanding the world we live in won’t always accept them.

They are constantly reminded that they fall short in society’s eyes through the grocery store’s looks as they “allow” their children to behave in such a way.

They are the ones that see their child’s heart and know that all they want to do is do well but know that others may not be able to see that.

I know you are tired.

I see you struggling.

I know you are trying.

You’ve changed diets, you’ve seen specialists, you’ve agonized over whether or not to give your child medication. I know you’re amazing because I know your children.

They are loving, they are funny, and they are smart.

Your children are even greater because they call you their mom.

You are doing your best, and that’s all any child can ask for that we give our best to them. Every day, I see you giving 100% fighting an often silent battle and unseen by everyone around you.

I see you loving your children with love so unimaginable, so indescribable, and a love people usually can only hope ever to feel.

You are the warrior mom, fighting every day for the sake of your child.

You are the super mom, not me. I hope you never forget that.


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