Calling ALL Moms.

We are excited to be creating an Insider Team of local Moms who want to be part of our community!

At Sarasota Manatee Mom, we know how every Mom is unique and is a valuable part of our community. Therefore, we want to represent as many types of Moms as possible. Including, and certainly not limited to:

Working Moms
Moms over 40

Single Moms
Moms of All Colors
Adoptive Moms
Moms between 25 and 40
Stay-at-home Moms
Moms under 25
Married Moms
Divorced Moms

Moms of all perspectives, opinions, parenting styles, and more!

What You Get

  1. Exclusive photoshoot and social
  2. In-person fun meetups
  3. Insider Facebook group and community
  4. Local discounts

What You Give

  1. Submit one story a month with 2 photos
  2. Be a brand ambassador of SMM
  3. Attend events for SMM Insiders

*SMM edits & formats content*

Fill out the application to be accepted as an insider.

Or if you’d like to submit one story, submit that here.

    *I understand as an Insider, I represent the Sarasota Manatee Mom brand. I agree that the mission is "We believe in Mom," which means I respect all parenting viewpoints, especially if they differ from my own. That SMM values are Trust, Community, and Growth through authentic conversations.
    *I understand that once I submit this story, Sarasota Manatee Mom then owns the rights to all content submitted. I understand that I may not reproduce, distribute, modify, create derivative works of, publicly display, publicly perform, or republish any of the Content without prior written consent from Sarasota Manatee Mom. I also understand that this is not a way to self-promote or advertise.