We Are Surrounded By Hope Even When We Feel Hopeless


Some days I need a rainbow.

I need assurance that the difficulties we are facing are not permanent.

Maybe you can relate.

Perhaps, like myself, you have spent much of 2020 feeling a hundred different emotions during the course of a day. It’s like you are walking blindfolded through an obstacle course.

Now, what if you stumbled upon a bit of encouragement that helped you hold on a little longer? It could come through a song, a quote, or maybe a random text received at the perfect time. I often think of these as God-winks; reassuring messages that bring peace and perspective in the midst of confusion and uncertainty.

This year I have experienced a lot of these small but amazing moments while outside with my kids.

Here are three of the most memorable:

The Miracle

In the spring, when all of the cancellations started, I struggled to process what was happening. I remember taking my kids to an empty park one day, my mind was racing and I was looking down.

When I looked up, I saw the word ‘Miracle’ on the playground equipment. I didn’t know the sacrifices we would have to make this year, but I did feel like it would take a miracle to get through whatever lay ahead.

The Hope

As our world continued to change, I wondered what effect it was having on my children.

One day we appropriately found the word HOPE written on the ground in chalk.

It was inspiring because I had been keeping up a brave face for my children, but I still needed to see that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Promise

A few months later, we were in the same area and I happened to park in front of a beautiful yard sign that read:

After every storm comes a rainbow.

There it was again. A simple message that helped me stop worrying and focus on my sons. We got out of the car and the boys started singing, jumping and waiting for me to join in. If I had remained distracted, I would have let this precious time with them slip by.

I wonder if this is happening to you now.

If you struggle to be mentally present with your family when your presence is needed most.

If so, I want you to understand that although we do not see how or when this will end, we can see the symbols of hope and promise that surround us.

Often hidden in plain sight, these loving nudges say that all of our pain comes with an expiration date. It will not last forever. So today, in the chaos of whatever you are going through, may you pause and take time to see those signs.

And on the days when you feel the most hopeless, I pray that you find your rainbow.

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Q Hillman
Q grew up modeling in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio. She moved to Sarasota, Florida nearly a decade ago. She is a stay at home mom with two pre-school aged sons. Faith is a big part of her life and she loves using her personal experiences to encourage and inspire others. As her children have gotten older, she has been on a path of re-discovering herself and her passion for writing. She loves family beach days, taking pictures of nature, meeting new moms and lives for football season!


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