7 Tips for Visiting Disney During COVID


Our amazing Sarasota Manatee Mom Facebook Group is an excellent resource for local moms. Recently someone asked about advice for going to Disney during COVID, and the responses were excellent!

Below we share the tips from our group!

#1 Take Multiple Proper Masks

Masks are mandatory at Disney at all times! First, make sure you have the correct face mask. One mom shared that masks with little vents, neck gaiters, or cloth masks with only one layer are not allowed. Also, due to the summer’s heat, make sure to bring extra masks because they will get pretty nasty during your day!

#2 Take Snack and Water Breaks

You are only allowed to remove your mask if you are stationary and actively eating. Another mom recommended taking lots of snack breaks! Each park has a designated area where you can sit and take off your mask, so take advantage of those as needed. Plus, be sure to bring plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated since water fountains are not operating.

#3 Make a Lunch Reservation

We do not need to remind you how hot it is outside right now. A mom’s suggestion was to make lunch reservations so you can ensure sitting inside to enjoy some air conditioning for an extended time. If you are actively eating, this will also give you a mask break.

#4 Masks Must Be Worn Correctly

We understand trying to sneak a little air through their nose when you are socially distant from others. However, cast members will remind you to make sure your mask is over your nose. This rule applies to everyone, including children who are ages two and up. Masks must also be worn when taking photos. We suggested chatting with your kids about wearing a mask properly and how strict the rules are.

#5 Buy Tickets in Advance

A mom in the group reminded us that you must purchase tickets in advance for the day you plan on attending. Disney is only allowing so many guests at a time.

#6 Disney Feels Different

The shorter lines are something we see many families raving about; remember waiting over an hour for one ride? With fewer people at the park, there are missing parades, shows, and fewer character meetings. Currently, fireworks are not happening. Overall, the experience feels different, so a mom suggested if this is your first time or you do not go regularly, your family may want to reevaluate going right now.

#7 Waiting Until It’s Cooler

The heat is tough on everyone this time of year, so several moms suggested just waiting until it’s cooler! One mom shared that the temperature felt like 105 degrees and felt even worse with the mask. Of course, if your family wants to take on the heat and see how many rides you can get on – go for it!

Are we missing any tips? Let us know in the comments below!



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