Six Trick or Treating Alternatives for Celebrating “COVIDWeen” During 2020


If I could go back in time and speak to myself in March of 2020, I would say one thing: “Keep your expectations low—you’re in for the long haul.”

The version of myself that I was six months ago truly believed that COVID-19 was on its way out. I had high expectations for a celebratory 4th of July party where we all would gather together and rejoice in the fact that we were allowed to hug and stand within 6 feet of each other without a cloth mask in between us.

I’m assuming you realize how that turned out?

Now, here we are in the midst of October, and life is still flipped on its axis. As another month passes us by, we grow increasingly close to a very special day—Halloween!

Unfortunately, however, this blasphemous pandemic is still hoping to join the party, which begs the question, what exactly will Halloween look like this year?

Is Trick or Treating Cancelled?

News reports in other states are calling for trick or treating cancellations. While I haven’t heard anything official in our area (yet!), it goes without saying that many of our local residents aren’t ready to lift CDC restrictions that have been keeping us safe.

So, how are we supposed to celebrate All Hallows Eve without the childhood favorite that is trick or treating?

Here are a few great suggestions for alternative Halloween plans if you don’t feel comfortable going door-to-door, or your neighborhood has canceled the event.

#1 Have a Halloween Movie Marathon

What better way to celebrate an at-home Halloween than by popping some popcorn, pouring some apple cider, and having an all-night Halloween movie marathon? Are you stumped for movie ideas? Check out this list of the most popular Halloween movies. Or, you can do the “right” thing and put Hocus Pocus on repeat!

#2 Host a Drive-By Trick or Treating Experience

It’s been working for birthday parties and baby showers… why not trick or treating, too? Coordinate with family and friends to drive by one another’s houses tossing candy and treats to costumed kiddos!

#3 Have a Pumpkin Carving Party

Carving pumpkins is a staple for most of us during the Halloween season. If you can hold out long enough, why not host a pumpkin carving party with anyone in your “bubble?” Bring your creativity, tools, and ample Halloween treats for a frightfully good time.

#4 Celebrate with Your Own Trunk or Treat

Along with our closest “bubble friendly” family and friends, we’ve decided to celebrate with our very own trunk or treat. We’re all going to pick a yard, decorate our cars, and let the kids run wild!

#5 “Boo” Your Friends & Family!

Why not take altered Halloween plans and use it as an excuse to give your kids a lesson in giving? Have them create little treat bags or gifts and sneakily drop them off to neighbors, friends, and family with a tag that says, “You’ve Been Boo’ed!”

And Saving the Best for Last…

#6 Join Us at the Sarasota Manatee Mom “Spooktacular Halloween Party!”

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a safe, CDC-approved Halloween event being hosted right here in our community?

Wait, what’s that you say? There is!?

That’s right, folks, our very own Sarasota Manatee Mom group is proud to be offering an exciting Halloween event that’s sure to be a hit with your kids! They’ll get to do safe indoor trick or treating, have professional photos taken of them in their costumes, dance to the Monster Mash, and so much more!

Plus, adults will get their very own trick-or-treat bag that’s packed with free stuff from various community organizations! It’s a can’t miss event for the whole family!

Be sure to buy your tickets before they’re all gone.

Making the Most of COVIDWeen 2020

If we’re being honest, there have been many challenging moments in the past year—that doesn’t mean that we have to let COVID-19 ruin everything, though. Whatever you choose to do for Halloween, just have fun!

Whether you hit the streets for traditional trick or treating or you cuddle on the couch for a 10th viewing of Hocus Pocus, it’s bound to be a great time! And please remember, if someone else is doing something you don’t necessarily agree with—that’s ok.

We’re all doing what we feel is best during these strange and unorthodox times!

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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