Broken Teeth And Concussions?! Here’s A Simple Way To Protect Your Athlete’s Smile


Sarasota Underdog Custom Mouthguards

My son is required to wear a mouthguard for basketball. I won’t lie, as a former basketball player, I was surprised. Aren’t football players the ones who wear mouthguards? It turns out that pretty much every contact sport requires them nowadays, as recommended by the American Dental Association, due to the high risk of broken or lost teeth and even to reduce the incidence and severity of brain injuries. Who would have thought?

So, we purchase the $5 option provided by the league and I hand it to my son. He puts it in and the complaints begin. Like any mom I say, “Look dude, if you want to play basketball you have to have this in your mouth.”

However, inside I’m cringing.

It’s too big. It doesn’t fit inside his mouth. He is playing with it like a glorified chew toy! I wonder if after boiling, all these issues will go away?

Boiling Mouthguards Sucks

The directions make me feel like an idiot if I am unable to stick a boiling piece of plastic in a child’s mouth and perfectly mold it. After some whining and my son accusing me of enjoying torturing him, we end up with a deformed mouthguard.

Comments My Son Has Made about His Cheap Mouth Guard:

1. “It hurts!”
2. “I can’t breathe!”
3. “This piece came off…”

Finally, I see the thing hanging out of his mouth. In the end, it’s not even doing the job of protecting him!

If the mouthguard doesn’t fit, it can’t protect the mouth properly which increases the chances of injury and affects the ability to breath and communicate during play.

Sarasota Underdog Custom Mouthguards
Underdog Custom Mouthguards are molded from an impression of your child’s teeth and also protect the gums.

I needed a better solution!!

Thankfully, I discovered Underdog Custom Sports Mouthguards. I know the cost of fixing dental injuries can be astronomical, not to mention incredibly painful, so I want the peace of mind that my son’s choppers will be truly protected. Dr. Apolonio Lirio, who specializes in sports dentistry, is local to Sarasota and an appointment to get my son fitted for his own custom mouthguard only takes 15 minutes!

Key Reasons for Custom Mouthguard vs. Store Bought:

  1. Underdog Custom Mouthguards will provide the best protection against injury and stays in place in the athlete’s mouth. This allows breathing and communication by accurately fitting and covering the teeth and gums because it is made from a custom mold of the athlete’s mouth. Store bought “one size fits most” mouthguards don’t cover all teeth/gum tissues adequately because of their generic shape. They are usually loose in the mouth requiring the athlete to bite the mouthguard in place to keep it from falling out! 
  2. Underdog Custom Mouthguards can be made to fit over teeth with braces. Store bought mouthguards do not fit over braces well.
  3. Parents and athletes buying store-bought mouthguards will usually go thru a “trial-and-error” process where they may have to buy multiple mouthguards trying to find one that fits. This can become very expensive due to the fact you can’t return previously purchased mouthguards. Underdog Customized Mouthguards are a single affordable cost that will fit every time!
  4. Underdog Customized Mouthguards are designed and made by a Sports Certified Dentist, who knows the best materials and methods to use in protecting teeth from damage and concussion prevention. Store bought mouthguards are not. 
  5. Underdog Customized Mouthguards can be designed per sport played (i.e. thickness, shape, size, color, etc.) to optimize comfort, performance and protection of the athlete. Store bought mouthguards are only one size, shape and fit and do not work for all sports. 

Sarasota Underdog Custom Mouthguards


1. “Dr. Lirio provided top-notch service to the Ripcurl Lacrosse teams. He educated our program and delivered an elevated mouthguard that players preferred to wear due to their confidence in the product and comfort. Everyone benefited from clearer communication on the lacrosse field due to the custom fit. Ripcurl Lacrosse loves their Underdog Mouthguards.” -Heather Chase O’Neill

2. “These mouth guards are a must! They fit snug and look great. The fitting process was simple and the staff is amazing!!! As a mom of 3 active boys, I was thrilled to find a local company that makes custom mouth guards at a reasonable price.” -Danielle Winkler

3. “Perfect custom fit for my grandson playing lacrosse and football! Protect your teeth; you will be rewarded for life!” -Linda Segal

I feel confident that my son will now be able to safely play basketball for years to come with his Underdog Custom Mouthguard.

Below, Sarasota Moms Blog Founding Owner and Dr. Apolonio Lirio discuss Underdog Custom Mouthguards.

Kids play sports? 🏀⚾️⚽️🏉 This is important information from Underdog Custom Mouthguards!

Posted by Sarasota Manatee Mom on Thursday, January 24, 2019

Sarasota Underdog Custom Mouthguards