9 Ways to Cut Costs On Bringing Baby Home


After saving extensively to pay cash for our dream wedding in January 2020, we came home from our incredible honeymoon to find out we were expecting our first baby.

Yeah. We weren’t planning on that.

What we were planning for was purchasing our new dream home and then starting our family.

Now, we are checking off wedding, honeymoon, buying a new house, and having a baby all in 2020. Extra money for all the baby things is not in the budget, so I started researching and configuring our “must-have” list for baby.

I realized a lot of things during my research.

Babies do need some stuff, and I’m learning more than expected. However, all of the things can be found in different places for less than you may imagine compared to shopping online at the usual stores with the 40+ items that you “need” for baby.

Here are my tips and tricks to finding frugal items for baby. I hope it will be helpful to you too!

1. Children’s Consignment Events

A few times a year, there is a huge consignment event locally that offers all things, baby and children. The event is an excellent way for moms to offload items they no longer need for their kids to make money. It is an even better opportunity for new moms to gather essential baby items at excellent prices. Many times towards the end of the event, they will offer half-off sales. This year, I was able to get playmats, high chair, bibs, burp cloths, drying racks, and more for a very fair price.

2. Kids and Maternity Consignment Stores

There are more stores than I ever realized with great pricing and selection. It’s perfect for moms who want maternity items but don’t want to spend $50 on one pair of shorts. I scored a pair for $3! Please do some research and check them often as they get new items frequently!

3. Facebook Marketplace

This has been a hot place for me to find specific items at great prices! I was able to secure our entire matching nursery set (crib with mattress, nightstand, dresser, changing table with pad) for $500. It all matches and looks brand new as it was recently painted. Some cribs are $500 on their own! I also found the Halo Bassinet (retails for close to $300) for $100. Check often and see if they want to bundle items for a better deal. I scored a Moby wrap and safety plugs for $10.

4. Freebies

All the registry sites offer free welcome baby baskets with essential items in travel size for free. Amazon, Baby List, Buy Buy Baby, Target, Walmart. I received tons of wipes, bottles, swaddles, breastfeeding supplies, and more from these freebies!

5. Friends Who Just had Babies

They may be able to offer you a great deal on some of the items they planned to sell. I purchased a swing, a new breast pump, six months of baby clothing, a diaper bag, and more for $200 from one friend. She made a little cash back, and I checked a ton of stuff off of our list!

6. Hand Me Downs

Babies grow incredibly fast and, in my opinion, do not need new clothes that are $20 for something that they may wear 1-2 times before outgrowing. Let your mommy friends know that you do not mind hand-me-downs and will take whatever they want to get rid of. I scored a baby bathtub, playmats, swings, rockers, tons of clothing, and more this way!

7. Minimalist Lifestyle

Babies do need things, but they do NEED much. You won’t need as many clothes as you think if you are prepared to do laundry a few times a week. Decide what you NEED and want you want. There is a big difference!

8. Repurpose Items You Have

I needed some baskets for our changing table and had some nice ones sitting in a closet because I had stopped using them from another project. We had a rug that matched our nursery decor that we weren’t using. Think about what you have that can be repurposed.

9. Baby Showers

If your friends/family/co-workers want to throw you a shower, please let them! I understand not wanting to impose or not wanting everyone to make a fuss over you, but you may have multiple people that offer to throw a shower or ask for your registry info. Please take them up on their offers and have what you NEED on your registry. I asked for gift cards for Amazon so we could easily 2-day ship items we forgot, ran out of, or realized we did need more of.

Bonus Tips

  • Ask for someone to set up a meal train to deliver some meals to the house post-baby.
  • Ask for a friend to help you clean the house when you can’t reach the baseboards or ceiling fans anymore.

It takes a village, but I have found this village warm and ready to help welcome new moms!