One Year Celebrating Me Being Me


Call me crazy; however, I believe that life starts when you make a big comeback from your lowest point. No one can ever describe the feeling of looking back and saying to yourself, “Wow, I did that. ”

From the day I found out I was pregnant to the day my daughter was five was probably the lowest moments for me.

I was the first to have a baby out of wedlock, didn’t finish college, and became a single mom. I cried every day not because I was pregnant but because of what people are going to say about me.

That journey helped me stop caring about what other people say and think about me.

That failure was a start to my success story.

As a society, we define success base on what we have physically accomplished in life. Did you buy a house, get married, or do you have a college diploma? Also, did you buy an expensive new Chanel purse?

What is genuine success then?

If you want to know how successful you are, sit in a quiet place and think of your lowest moments. Then, open your eyes, see, and think of all the things that have happened afterward.

Sit in this feeling.

When you realize that everything you have done, overcame, and how you have changed is your true success story!

What people think might be your failure moments is just a path to your success. I became a stronger person when I took it upon myself to explain my life journey is my own.

I go through memory lane and think to myself, “This is the real me.”

To the world, I am 30-years-old.

However, I know my life started exactly a year ago when I realized who I am.


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