Election Day Reflections


On the Eve of Election Day, I found myself reflecting.

Regardless of the candidate you choose to vote for, I hope that our country can set aside our differences and come together.

Maybe that’s a bit naive; after all, so much has happened in 2020 to tear us apart. But whether at the surface or buried deep down, I think, I hope, most people in this country have more alike than they realize. Sure. We feel ripped apart by debates on everything from masks to the policing in this country and everything in between.

So how do we come together?

I would say being able to engage in a healthy discourse for one. It’s okay for us to disagree, and I think at times, we have gotten swept up by our emotions and forgotten to look at things from each other’s perspective.

Maybe we were right and valid about our stance, or perhaps we were wrong. Let’s forget about our presidential candidates for a minute and remember what it’s like to truly listen to each other’s thoughts and feelings.

As Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Even though I still feel strongly about my choice for president, I want more than anything for our nation to heal.

As a parent, I chose to sit down with my daughter, 8, who had expressed interest in the upcoming election. Together we read the book, Duck for President, by Doreen Cronin, since I thought it was an excellent precursor to our discussion.

We then watched a few kid-friendly videos on topics such as the history of voting rights and the president’s job.

She really enjoyed learning and talking about the election. I hope that she will grow up to understand how important it is to vote as an American.

So, let’s remember that we may disagree, and we can still have respect for each other!

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Tara is a former Kindergarten teacher turned stay at home mom to her daughter and son. Her and her husband, Michael, married in 2004, relocated to the Sarasota area in January 2015. Tara enjoys taking Emma on fun outings in Sarasota such as Mote Marine Aquarium, Cookie Cottage, and local libraries, as well as day trips to Orlando to visit Disney World! When she has a rare moment of quiet, she enjoys reading, a good cup of coffee, and chocolate!


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