Sarasota Manatee Mom

Sarasota Manatee Mom
Pet Facility Cleanliness

Pet Facility Cleanliness: Sniffing Out Bad Actors

Is that pet care facility really as clean as it appears? Leaving your pet in the care of a business doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. Regardless of where your pet will be spending...

Why I Chose to Send My Kids Back to Preschool

Written by Merab Favorite, The Florida Center for Early Childhood The decision to send my children back to preschool wasn’t an easy one. I knew there were risks involved that were out of my control. However,...
UTC Summer Fun Club

UTC Summer Fun Club is Going Virtual!

UTC Summer Fun Club is going virtual! The Summer Fun Club series by The Mall at UTC has been a favorite for many local families during the hot summer months. And this year, your kids...
Keeping Your Child Safe Around Dogs

Kids and Dog Safety | from Bayside Pet Resort

Did you know that almost all dog bites are preventable? 75% of dogs involved in bite incidents belong to the victim’s family or a friend, with a majority of attacks (61%) happening at home or...
Being a Good Enough Parent

Being a “Good Enough” Parent

Written By Jennifer Gravesen, School-Based Mental Health Therapist Am I doing enough? There are tons of blogs, resources, and websites out there with so much information to take in. Am I getting my child outside enough?...

Tacos, Tacos, Tacos! Our 8 Mouthwatering Favorites in Sarasota-Manatee

Tacos. We love them with beef. We love them with pork. We love them with fish. We love them with veg. We love them on Tuesdays. Heck, we love tacos any day of the...
Veteran Air Conditioning

COVID-19 and the Importance of Clean Air In Your Home | Veteran Air Conditioning

As our country is battling the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all trying our best to keep our families as safe as we possibly can. And considering that most of us are confined to our...

Eye Emergency During COVID-19? Skip the ER!

An eye emergency is something you should never put off. But if you would rather skip the ER, Eye Care Family Vision Center is available to help! With Tele-Health options, as well as in-office emergency...

I Cried in the Shower.

I cried in the shower. This pandemic is so heavy and makes me long for the life I once lived. I long for the days when I was exhausted from kid activities. I long to kiss my...
The Florida Center for Early Childhood

The Florida Center for Early Childhood | Amelia’s Story

A Grateful Mother Upon receiving a message that her 3-year-old daughter, Amelia, was hysterical at school, Courtney left work immediately to get her. Teachers at Starfish Academy reported that the toddler was inconsolable - crying...