Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann
My family moved to Bradenton in January 2018. I like to use my experiences to write, it helps when you can relate to something. I have been married since 2009 and I have two girls. The youngest has multiple medical issues, and our oldest has behavior issues, because of all the needs her sister has. I also work away from home, so balancing all the things life throws at me can be hard, but worth it at the end of the day. I love being at the beach, reading, and having movie nights with my family. I try to binge-watch Netflix, but being a mom makes that hard. Haha. I am ready for what life throws at me. My positive attitude has brought me this far and will continue to carry me through.

My Husband Should Supervise Me

I think I need my husband to supervise my showers like we do our young children. As I was showering this evening, I about slipped but caught myself. I wasn't so lucky about six weeks...

Our Daughter’s Math Finally Adds Up

Like a lot of parents, we’re navigating our way through these last weeks of teaching our kids at home. Lily, our 4th grader, has been struggling in school for a while now and to...

New Year, Fresh Start: Time to De-Stress

Here We Go Again, a New Year Has Begun The New Year has come around again. For many, it is a time for change, for new beginnings, a fresh start. Some hold on to stress....
Present Jail

Present Jail: Curbing Bad Behavior During the Holidays

What is Present Jail? Present Jail is a place presents go when a child is misbehaving. I won't tell you what that is, because each parent has their own expectations for their children. You decide....
decor dilemma

Age-Old Dilemma: When to Put Up Christmas Decor?

We have all questioned it. When should we bring out all our Christmas decor? We have seen the posts and memes, and heard friends and co-workers talking about it. When should Christmas decorations go up?...
florida halloween fall sarasota

Is It a Trick or Treat? What to Expect During Halloween in Florida

What should you expect for your first Halloween in Florida? Here are some Tricks and some Treats to help you prepare!   For most of us "transplants" here in Florida, fall means something different to us...
grandparents day

How to Celebrate Grandparents from Long Distance

Grandparents Day is Upon Us! If you are like me, your grandparents, or child(ren)'s grandparents live a pretty good ways away. Yes, visits happen, but then it's time to leave as soon as it started....
fed is best

STOP the Distress! FED is BEST!

FED IS BEST!!!! We have heard it all! There are many opinions on the best way to feed your baby. "Breast is best." "Formula is easier and less stressful." Fill in the blank. I'm here to...

Not Looking Forward to This School Year: My Child Has Anxiety

My Child has Anxiety. My child is 9 years old, and she has anxiety. She worries to the point of physical pain. I hate seeing her this way. It's not so bad during the summer;...

Ode to Dads (Stepdads, Grandpas and Single Moms): Thanks for Measuring Up

A Father's Day Tribute Dads can be found in both obvious and unlikely places. I'm talking about our own fathers and husbands, of course, but also the ones who have stepped up to the plate...