Ruthie Sterrett

Ruthie Sterrett
Ruthie is a full time working mom with a passion for personal development and cheering on other mamas in their journey. Her busy days consist of juggling all the things while keeping up with her pre-school aged son and spreading positivity. Ruthie is a Midwest transplant who loves glitter, planners, sports, wine, and podcasts, as well as connecting with other mamas.

Judged for Being a Mom of One

I like working. The feeling of fulfillment and accomplishments from my career make me unapologetic about how much I love work. It is who I am, and I love that part of me. Plus, I...
Tacos for the win

The MVP of Meals: An Ode to Tacos

Who says you can only eat tacos on Tuesdays? While Taco Tuesday is a great way to have at least one day of your weekly meal plan figured out, tacos are pretty much amazing...
Sarasota Manatee Pumpkin Patch

Sarasota/Manatee Pumpkin Patch Guide 2019

It's pumpkin time! Prior to pumpkin carving, one of my favorite family traditions is heading out to the pumpkin patch to choose the perfect pumpkin. Florida fall may not feel like a traditional fall,...
Juggling Little League youth sports sarasota

Navigating Youth Sports: A Working Mom’s Cry For Help

When I was growing up and thinking about being a parent, I totally envisioned myself at ball games, or track meets, or cheerleading competitions, or any other number of sporting events cheering on my...
Back to school

First Day and Last Day of School Traditions {FREE printable!}

We use all sorts of milestones to measure our kids' growth. First steps, first tooth, first words, and of course, birthdays. Once school starts though, there is nothing like the first day of school...
Kid Free Vacation

Grown Up Vacay: Why You Should Leave the Mom Guilt at Home

When was the last time you went on vacation without your kids? And I'm not talking about a trip to Target, or just the bathroom, by yourself! Let's be honest, a vacation with your...
Water Sports Sarasota Manatee

Sarasota/Manatee Water Sports Guide 2019

Living in a place known for sunshine gives us the opportunity to enjoy the weather year-round while doing water sports. Whether it's at the beach or an inland lake, pond or river there are...
Healthy Moms

Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First (and Other Ways to Prioritize Your Own...

Remember in the 3 Little Bears when Mama Bear's porridge was too cold? Now that you're a mom, I'm sure you know all about letting your food get cold while you attend to the...
mother's day brunch restaurants sarasota

Moms Rock! Celebrate with a Mother’s Day Brunch in Sarasota

Sarasota Moms, rejoice! Mother's Day is our day. The day that dad gets out of bed and takes care of the kids while you sleep in so late that you skip breakfast. When you wake...
Family Road Trip

A Road Trip With Kids: A Sarasota Mom’s Survival Guide

So you want to go on a road trip? Or maybe you don't, but you need to travel and driving is the most economical option. Whether you are excited about it, or dreading the...