Natalie Johnson

Natalie Johnson
I’m a mom of two boys ages 12 & 15. I’m married to a Law Enforcement Officer and we’ve been married 16 years. I grew up in Vero Beach FL and then moved to San Diego for 15 years and met my husband and had my first son there. We moved to Lakewood Ranch in 2009. My education and training is in exercise physiology, performance nutrition and sports psychology. I’m a health and wellbeing consultant who usually travels all over the world working with companies to create healthy people and cultures. However, the pandemic has me in front of my computer instead. I’m an extrovert and not meant to work from home but I’m managing.

Unspoken Conversations

Our histories, opinions, and preferences make us unique. It's what drives creativity and innovation and provides learning opportunities for us all. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to have conversations about our differences, especially regarding opinions. It's...