Kristin Trezza

Kristin Trezza
Kristin is a wife and momma of two sweet munchkins and 1 crazy puppy. She made the transition from full-time Human Resources Officer to homeschooling momma when she and her family moved to the Sarasota area in May 2017. Running on a whole lotta coffee and Jesus, Kristin loves connecting with other women who are in this challenging journey called motherhood. You can read more from Kristin on her blog

December Family Events 2020

December is here, holidays are in the air, and the countdown to 2021 is in full swing! As we enter the final month of 2020, we hope you find this guide of local events...
Quarantine School vs Homeschool

You Are the Right School Mom for Your Kids

Quarantine schooling won’t last forever. We don't know how long it will continue, and it may get worse before it gets better. So please, please, be easy on yourself. Be extra easy on yourself. Understand there will...
This is NOT Homeschooling

“Quarantine Schooling” is NOT Homeschooling

We are a homeschool family. And this is NOT what our life looks like. On a non-Coronavirus homeschooling day, my kids are frequently seeing friends through the classes we attend outside of the home several times...

Why a Raspberry Changed My Perspective

My son ate a raspberry. He’s eaten raspberries before and has never had a known allergy to any fruits. His food allergies are dairy and eggs, so when I opened a bowl of fresh-cut fruit...

What You Can Get Done in a Day… Is Enough

Enough. I feel like there is a constant conversation around this word, "enough." Sometimes out loud, sometimes unspoken. But it’s always lingering somewhere. We feel like we’re not enough. We’re told that we are enough. We’re told that...
Homeschool Friends

I Want to Homeschool My Kids… But How Will They Make Friends?

I am a homeschool mom, and my kids definitely have a friend dilemma. As in, currently my daughter can’t figure out how to narrow down her list of 40+ friends she wants to invite...
mom-cation solo vacation moms sarasota

Mama Needs a Time Out! How About a Solo Mom-cation?

Mom-cations need to be a “thing.” I’m 100% sure of it. I feel like I see stuff about it all the time anymore, I’m sure you have too. But I’m actually willing to go a step...
no electronics screen time sarasota

We Cut Out Electronics for 3 Weeks… Here’s What Happened

Imagine this… 3 weeks, 2 elementary age kids, 0 electronic devices. Including no TV. I know. Archaic, right? Does it sound like something that would make you want to pull your hair out? Me too....

How to Create A Healthier (and Allergy-Friendly) Easter

Oh Easter treats. How our relationship has changed. My favorite part about Easter baskets as a child were always Cadbury eggs. (And I may or may not buy myself a couple... or 3 or 4......
woman standing alone

Is My Fear of Judgement Costing Me Friendships?

Is my fear of judgement costing me friendships? Whenever I hear another momma apologize for basically being human - shouting at her kids, using dry shampoo for the 4th day in a row, not feeding...