Barb Hagan

Barb Hagan
Barb Hagan is a mostly stay at home (part-time preschool teacher) to her sassy 8-year-old daughter. She was born and raised in Sarasota, and after moving all around Florida, came back to Sarasota to raise her daughter. Barb enjoys spending time with her mom friends, volunteering at her daughter’s school, reading mysteries, and binge-watching cooking shows (esp. GBBO!) while pinning impossible recipes and crafts.

Weighing Our Decision to Return to Brick and Mortar

Before the pandemic, I could honestly describe myself as optimistic. I go out of my way to see the best in people (sometimes to my detriment), I look for the bright side of situations,...

Helping Your Child Maintain Real Virtual Friendships

Way back in August of 2019, my then second grader came home after 2 weeks of school and announced that she needed a phone to text her friends.  There was no discussion on my end...

Look What I Can Do!! (Yes, Let THEM Do It!)

As I type the title for this post, I flash to a clip of this show called MadTV where this boy child would demand that his mom watch his antics and when she tried...
Sarasota Manatee Spooky Fun Adults Teens

Sarasota/Manatee Spooky Fun For Adults/Teens 2019

Are you looking for something truly terrifying this fall? We've rounded up the best local and drive-able spooky attractions that are sure to scare you right out of your skin! Due to intense depictions...
Sarasota Manatee Trick or Treats

Sarasota/Manatee Trick or Treats 2019

What's more fun than trick-or-treating in your neighborhood? Trick-or-treating with tons of kids at a big community event! Here are all the places your kid can clean up in the candy department this Halloween....
routines checklist planning family sarasota

Tips From the Queen of Routine: Simple Ideas to Save Your Sanity

I love a routine. I find comfort and safety in having checklists and plans. I have been known to do something and then go back and add it to my checklist simply for the...

I Volunteer as Tribute!! I Mean…Room Mom!!

So you think you want to be a Room Mom? Or maybe you're thinking, good grief, I'm not Room Mom material. I have two years of Room Momming under my belt. And while that...
father father's day death dad sarasota

Father’s Day, When Your Father Has Passed Away

I'm going on my third year of writing for Sarasota Moms Blog. Usually, at this time of year, other writers share ideas for Father's Day posts and I keep quiet. But I think I'm...
thumbsucker stress guilt sarasota

Look Moms! No Wrinkles! Stress-Free Parenting for the Win!! (Even With a Thumbsucker!)

Mom-guilt. We all have it and it sucks. I'm going to share my biggest case of mom-guilt -- having a thumbsucker! -- and what happened when I stopped feeling guilty. Back it Up Let's start with...

Hidden Gem Series: It’s Seriously Wild at Sarasota Jungle Gardens!

Sarasota Jungle Gardens 3701 Bay Shore Road Sarasota, FL 34234 Hours: 10am-5pm daily (closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day) Cost: Adults (17-64) $17.99; Children (4-16) $12.99; Seniors (65+) $16.99; Public School Teachers get in free with a valid ID Time...