Treasuring the Little Moments


I’ve had someone in our house sick since March 5th.

My 6-year-old daughter easily gets sick, so it started with her. The week before Spring Break started our journey to determine what was going on.

Then, I was sick.

Then two of our three boys were coughing too.

It has been miserable.

Our family usually is the on-the-go type where I’m running a thousand miles a minute. I thrive in this environment as a Type-A planning type of Mom. I only stop and sit when I travel for work.  This is when I’m able to have some quality time alone, where I enjoy binge-watching the latest Netflix series. 

My world was running so fast until COVID forced our family of six to stay home.

The master planner in me was struggling. I was already a full-time employee, and now I was a teacher to my kids, and I am in the middle of potty training my three-year-old, who also has high-functioning autism. 

We still needed our doctors.

We were sick, and I had unanswered questions.

Thankfully, we are patients at First Physicians Group and were able to use their Telehealth services to receive the care we needed. We had multiple online appointments to discuss each kid, we had prescriptions sent in, we had lab orders sent, and I even had a courier service come to my house so I could do a self-test. The test itself was horrific; however, I’m so grateful for First Physician’s Group working with our family to get us the help we needed. 

It was also our mental health.

FPG Pediatrician, Dr. Rene Suerio, often talked and listened to me through all of this. I even worked directly with my FPG primary care doctor to help. 

The reality is we also were dealing with all the other changes related to COVID, such as e-learning and balancing everyone’s schedules from home. Many days would not go as planned. After enough crazy days, I started to focus on the small wins and not checking off everything on the to-do lists. 

No human being is built to be a working parent, a stay home mom, a teacher, and a doctor. These are critical components in a child’s life. We aren’t meant to be them all – it takes a community, and I’m grateful this community has been only a zoom meeting, email, phone call, or Telehealth appointment away.

I’m constantly reminded that we won’t always have these days of us all at home. 

I’m treasuring every little moment and grateful for our health.

Thank you to our amazing sponsor, Sarasota Memorial Health Care System, for providing this story and supporting local moms.