E-Learning Did NOT Work for This Family


When it was time to decide which schooling option, I felt concerned about the number of COVID-19 cases. Therefore, I decided to continue with e-learning for the first quarter and then reevaluate it in October.

On August 17, my 5-year-old began kindergarten online.

He seemed to be okay with the pre-recordings. I figured I could leave him to do his schoolwork while I took care of my 2-year-old. He did fine with the live lessons when he interacted with the other students and his teacher.

I figured we had this under control.

Two weeks into e-learning, my son had to take the standardized tests.

My son has an IEP and receives accommodations for testing. We had a phone conference back in April to finalize what would best fit his needs, and his online teacher did her best to meet these requirements for my son.

However, he had nothing but meltdowns and behavioral problems.

I gave him breaks to play outside.

I let him go swimming.

I even let him play on his iPad and watch TV to encourage him to finish these tests.

Over time, my son started having ore behavior problems and eventually was unwilling to put in any effort to do his schoolwork. It was taking a massive toll on me.

I’m a single mom with little help. I was trying to help him and also caring for my toddler.

After Labor Day, the school’s vice-principal called and asked if my kindergartner wanted to return to the brick and mortar school.

I immediately said yes!

At this same time, my toddler’s early head start program was opening on September 14, so I sent my older son back on that same day.

Fast forward to today; it’s October. I thought we would be reevaluating our school situation, and now everyone is back to school after being home for six months!

With money being tight, I can get back to work and work on my digital marketing schooling. I’m able to get into freelance work and work around my kids’ schedules.

My kids are happy to be out of the house and back into a familiar routine. As for me, I am thrilled to be back on track!

As far as sick days, well, we’ll cross that road when we get there!