Just Wait…


“Just wait till they start throwing tantrums.”

“Just wait till they start talking back to you.”

Just wait.

Becoming a new mom, I heard this ALL the time.

I would say, “I love my babies little cry,” and another mom or dad would take it upon themselves to say something along the lines of “just wait till they’re screaming non-stop at 3 am.”

Listen, being a new mom, experienced mom, young mom, working mom, ANY mom, is already hard enough! Why are we telling mothers to “just wait” for the tough stuff and the hard stuff? It induces anxiety and the feeling of waiting for something horrible to come.

Moms should look forward to watching their babies grow and change. We should be excited to experience toddlerhood; we should approach it with an optimistic and hopeful heart. But it’s hard to do that when you are always being told to “just wait” for the bad stuff.

Let’s change that. Let’s Just Wait for the good stuff.

“Just wait until they start to reach for you.”

“Just wait for when they first say I love you.”

“Just wait for the uncontrollable laughter.”

“Just wait until they climb on your lap and hug you and kiss you.”

Waiting for those moments are going to be so worth it.

Let’s encourage each other, mamas. Let’s change our outlook. Let’s set up other moms with a joyful heart waiting for the future. Let’s set up our OWN heart to be joyful while waiting.

Yes, we still will have hard days, really hard. We will have days where our babies won’t stop crying, where our 2-year-old won’t stop screaming, where our teenagers won’t even want to come out of their rooms.

We know these days will still come and go. But just wait, mama.

The “I love you” is coming. The hugs and kisses are coming.

The midnight snuggles are coming.

All you have to do is….

Just wait.