7 Lessons E-Learning Taught Me


First, let me begin by saying, and I am very blessed to be home and have my children with me.

I know many families do not have that option, so I am extremely grateful that my family can do this. I know that many families are sending their children to school because it is their only choice, and some are sending them because it is what they chose as a family.

With all of that being said, this E-learning crap is hard.

#1. I feel I am the student being taught a hard lesson.

My children are somewhat oblivious to the amount of work that goes into each day, something I don’t share with them. I willingly signed up to assist teaching my kids at home, and I own that.

I am a strong woman, mother, and wife; however, E-learning has broken me down to tears at night. I am tired, frustrated, and ladies, this is week two.

#2 Teachers Need a Pay Raise

I know, over time, things will get better.

No one could have predicted that we would still be in a pandemic or would have been able to prepare for this, correct??? (Insert hysterical laugh that has caused my husband to question my sanity, DAILY.)

In all fairness, the kinks are being worked out, and every day it improves. The teachers are trying their very best, and I appreciate them now more than ever. I believe wholeheartedly that teachers need their pay increased substantially.

#3 Deodorant is a Luxury

My day begins early, and it is fast and furious as I prep two children for E-Learning. I praise the heavens above that my son’s school adapted to E-learning, or I would be entirely on my own.

It is a marathon every morning as I sprint back and forth from each child’s room.

I check my emails for updates as things change daily and even hourly.

I listen for the alerts on my phone, like waiting for a code to happen at the hospital.

I am on high alert at all times.

I have had to divide my time amongst three special needs children, which is challenging without E-learning. I have not had the time or desire to apply makeup, deodorant is a luxury, and dry shampoo is my best friend. My children have chosen PJ’s as their clothing of choice, and I cannot blame them.

We are all exhausted.

#4 Remember, the mute button on Zoom is your BEST friend.

The free time we do have is used for snacks, prepping the next assignment, and preparing for a Zoom call that may or may not work. Sadly, many families have heard my “mom voice” and some not so friendly language via Zoom.

I apologize in advance, as I know this will continue. My swear jar has runneth over and again. This is only week two.

As you may have guessed, the teachers know me very well by now, due to my emails and phone calls. I have never been known to be the quiet one, a blessing and a curse.

I have already let the “mama bear” out of her cage, and it was perhaps too soon. I have reigned her in this week because we have a long year ahead of us.

#5 Your Support System is Vital

The support from other E-learning parents has been unbelievable.

If you are an E-learning parent, I highly recommend reaching out to those in your class and forming a mom squad; you will need it. I recommend reaching out to the teacher before your first meltdown, as you will be much calmer. Lessons learned the hard way, by yours truly.

I have always been the truth-teller, the one you go to when you want advice. The truth is my tank is on empty, and I am out of gas.

I am calling in all my reinforcements, ordering take-out, begging my parents to come home from vacation, I even had my bachelor brother help out for the afternoon. My advice is to call in all favors now, be prepared as you will need assistance. Preparation is critical, call your squad asap, because life as you knew it, is gone.

#6 Write Everything in Pencil

My life as an E-learning parent has been less than perfect. I have learned you have to be flexible and extremely patient. Above everything else, make sure you write everything in pencil while knowing that it will most likely change.

#7 This Was the Best Decision I’ve Made in 2020.

I don’t want to scare the parents that have not started school yet; I don’t. Every experience is different, and I hope everyone has an easy transition. My transition was not easy.

However, if I had to choose this option again, I would choose it in a heartbeat.

My six-year-old daughter holds my hand under the table during class, and I give her hand a reassuring squeeze.

I tear up as I hear my son’s beautiful laugh, as I google how to do his math, his laughter is the purest laugh I know. My son hugs me and tells me, “Mom, you are doing so good.”

My children have found their voices. My daughter speaks up for herself, and she works on a computer like a pro. My son is coming out of his shell one day at a time. E-learning is working, even with all of the flaws.

So, yes, a million times over, I would choose this for my family. It is my only choice. I will get better at this, and I will have more patience and grace for myself. We live in a pandemic with an immunocompromised child, and I have no choice but to rise to the occasion. So, I will rise.

I’m Cheering You On!

Take a deep breath, relax, and know you are enough; you can do this.

If you are an E-learner or homeschool parent, I am here, and I will remain here for you. I promise you can lean in on me. I have had a rough time, but I have called in my reinforcements, formed my mom squad, and my bucket is full. I am ready to give.

If I can do this, so can you.


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