About SMM

We Believe in Mom. It’s that simple.

Mom authentically touches every aspect of our community. Take a moment to think about that; it’s amazing! We serve and engage Mom to promote her positive impact on all of the community.

At Sarasota Manatee Mom, we are passionate about our local Mom community. Although it’s wonderful that many families are moving to the area, it can sometimes leave us feeling lost in the crowd. We are an inclusive group that supports Moms of all ages and backgrounds through relevant information and fun events – all this encourages real-life connection.

Our content is written BY Moms FOR Moms. We believe that every single Mom has an impactful story to share. We also know that having the time to share these stories can be tough. This is why we offer an interview process that allows all of these important stories to be heard. You can also write and submit a story on your own. We want to make the process of connecting and sharing to be as simple as possible. After all, your story will help other Moms. And, that’s what we’re all about.

Please join us on this amazing journey. These are all the ways you can connect with us:

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With Love & Connection,
Lauren and Kate